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Owning a BMW is not only a matter of pride in the luxury and performance it brings, but also requires special care when parts need to be replaced. In the competitive market of the auto industry, using genuine parts is important to ensure that your vehicle always operates stably and safely. In Phu Tho, finding and buying genuine BMW parts is easier than ever, with the support of reputable and trustworthy dealers.

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Quality and Reliability: Genuine BMW Parts in Phu Tho

One of the great advantages of using genuine spare parts is ensuring high quality. Parts are manufactured and tested according to strict BMW standards, helping to ensure that they operate as efficiently and safely as possible for your vehicle. This increases longevity and reduces the risk of breakdown, while also protecting the value of the vehicle.

In addition, using genuine spare parts also brings peace of mind about compatibility. Accessories are designed to work optimally with other components in the BMW system. This helps avoid unwanted problems and ensures that every part of the vehicle works together in harmony.

In Phu Tho, there are many dealers providing genuine BMW spare parts with a team of professional and experienced staff. Consultants will assist you in choosing spare parts that suit your vehicle’s specific needs. This not only saves you time but also ensures that you receive the right quality and size product.

Not only a place to provide spare parts, but also an ideal destination to improve knowledge about vehicle maintenance and repair. Dealers regularly host educational sessions and events on how to care for and maintain your vehicle. This helps car owners have more information and skills to be proactive in maintaining and repairing their vehicles effectively.

It’s also worth noting that using genuine spare parts also has value benefits. Although their price may be higher than other replacement parts, the investment will become worthwhile when you see that your vehicle not only retains its value well but also minimizes the risks regarding breakdowns and repairs.

BMW steering parts

BMW is one of the famous car manufacturers in the world. Every BMW car is equipped with high-quality steering components to provide the driver with an excellent driving experience. In this article, we will learn about BMW steering units and the advanced technologies applied in them.

Drive system

The BMW steering unit includes the steering system and related components. The steering system is designed to provide precise and reliable control while driving. BMW uses advanced technology such as dual-axle steering and electric power steering to create a smooth and effortless driving experience.

Drive shaft

BMW steering shafts are made from high-quality materials such as high-strength steel and aluminum to ensure durability and precision. BMW steering axles are also designed to optimize vehicle steering and stability. Furthermore, BMW also applies groundbreaking technology such as automatically adjusting steering axis to improve vehicle precision and control.

Electric power steering system

Electric power steering is an important technology in BMW’s steering department. This system helps reduce driving weight and provides support to the driver. It provides a light and agile driving experience, while enhancing vehicle precision and control. BMW’s electric power steering system is intelligently adjusted to suit each different driving situation.

Suspension system

BMW’s suspension also plays an important role in the steering department. The suspension system is designed to provide stability and comfort while driving. BMW uses exclusive suspension technology such as multi-link suspension and automatically adjusting suspension to ensure vehicle control and smoothness.

Brake system

The BMW steering unit includes not only the steering system but also the braking system. The BMW braking system is designed to provide powerful and reliable braking. BMW uses advanced braking technology such as anti-lock braking system and automatic braking system to ensure absolute safety when driving.


The BMW steering unit is designed and engineered with advanced technology to deliver an unparalleled driving experience. The BMW steering system, steering axle, electric power steering, suspension and braking systems are all optimized to provide control, precision and driving safety. With BMW steering, you will experience powerful and enjoyable driving.

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Summary of genuine BMW spare parts in Phu Tho

Finally, using genuine BMW parts in Phu Tho is not only a way to maintain and improve the vehicle’s performance, but also a guarantee of quality and reliability. For car owners who appreciate perfection and class, this is not just a choice, but a commitment for peace of mind when driving on the roads.


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